How Long Are Hiking Boots Laces? (The Complete Guide)

I and my team spent several hours exploring the wonderful nature, I can attest to the importance of proper lacing when it comes to hiking boots.

After experiencing discomfort and even pain due to improperly fitted laces, I took my time to understand the correct length and fit for my hiking boots, and I’ve been able to improve my own comfort and safety on the trails.

In this article, I’ll share my expertise on how long hiking boot laces typically are, why it matters, and a guide on how to determine the correct length for your own shoes.

Quick Summary 

  • Hiking boot lace length varies depending on the specific boot and manufacturer but typically falls between 50 and 72 inches.
  • The perfect length of hiking boot laces is crucial for comfort, support, and safety while hiking.
  • Determine the correct length by checking the manufacturer’s recommendations, measuring old laces, and adjusting the length while lacing up your boots.

How Long Are Hiking Boot Laces on Average? 

an example of shoelace length

The average length of hiking boot laces can range between 50 to 72 inches (127 centimeters to 182 cm), depending on the size and type of the boots.

However, the precise length will depend on the number of eyelets on the boots and the preferred lacing method (Double Knot, Surgeon’s Knot, Toe-Relief Lacing, Heel Lock Lacing, and Window Lacing).

In addition to choosing the correct length of laces, you should also invest in high-quality materials for optimal performance.

What I’ve learned during many years of hiking is that nylon and cotton laces are durable and easy to use, while leather laces offer extra strength and longevity.

Another thing I’ve learned from this guy is that some laces may also be coated with wax to increase water resistance and durability.

How to Choose the Correct Lace Length for Your Hiking Boots?

determining the hiking boots laces length

1. Measure Old Bootlace

If you’re looking to replace your hiking bootlaces and laces, measuring your original laces is an excellent place to start. Pull out the current laces and lay them flat, and then measure from tip to tip.

This should give you a good idea of the lengths of the laces that works for your particular shoes.

2. Know the Hiking Boots Type

Different types of hiking boots require different lace lengths. For example, boots with higher ankle support or more eyelet pairs will require longer laces. On the other hand, shorter boots with fewer eyelets will require shorter laces.

Knowing the type of hiking boots you have will give you a good starting point for selecting the correct lace length.

3. Count the Eyelet

Counting the eyelets on your hiking boots is a great way to determine the length of laces you need. The number of eyelets on your boots can vary, depending on the type and model.

However, most hiking boots have between six and eight pairs of eyelets, with each pair requiring roughly eight inches of lace.

This means that if your boots have six pairs of eyelets, you’ll need a lace that’s approximately 48 inches long, while boots with eight pairs of eyelets will require a lace that’s around 64 inches long.

Additionally, you can use this calculator to count the length of your laces.

4. Tie Your Boots With Something Else

If you’re unsure about the length of laces you need, try your boots with something else. A piece of string, ribbon, or even a spare shoelace can give you a good idea of the length you’ll need for proper support and comfort.

Once you have the right length, you can purchase laces that match.

5. Check Brand-Specific Laces

If you’re still unsure about the correct lace length for your hiking boots, check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Most hiking shoe manufacturers will include recommended lace lengths and measurements in the product specifications. Purchasing brand-specific laces can also ensure that you get the right length and fit for your particular shoes.

Factors That Contribute to Different Length Laces for Hiking Boots

measuring hiking boots laces length

1. Boot Height

The height of your hiking boots is one of the main factors that determine the length of the laces. Higher boots with more ankle support will require longer laces to ensure a secure fit. On the other hand, shorter boots with less ankle support will require shorter laces.

2. Width of Boot

The width of your hiking boots also plays a role in determining the length of the laces. Wider boots require longer laces to provide a snug fit, while narrower boots require shorter laces.

It’s important to ensure that your laces are the correct length to prevent your shoes from slipping or feeling too tight.

3. Width of the Eyelets

The width of the eyelets on your hiking shoes also plays a role in determining the length of the laces. Wider eyelets require longer laces to provide a secure fit, while narrower eyelets require shorter laces. It’s important to select that match the width of the eyelets on your boots for a snug fit.

4. Type of Terrain

The type of terrain you’ll be hiking on can also affect the length of your hiking boot laces. If you’ll be hiking on steep terrain, you may need longer laces to provide more ankle support. On flatter terrain, shorter laces may be more appropriate.

It’s important to consider the type of terrain you’ll be hiking on when selecting the length of your laces.

Does Hiking Boots Lace Length Matter? 

Choosing the right length of laces for your hiking boots is important as it can impact the fit, support, and overall comfort of your boots. Properly fitted laces can prevent injuries, provide critical support to your feet and ankles, and ensure that you’re comfortable and secure on the trails.

Investing in these top rated hiking boots for women or men that are designed to provide proper support and stability is also recommended. Here are a few hiking footwear guides we’ve made using our testing procedures.


Can I Adjust the Length of My Hiking Boot Laces if They Are Too Long or Too Short?

Yes, you can adjust the length of your hiking boot laces if they are too long or too short. Simply untie the laces, adjust the length, and re-lace your boots. Don’t forget to secure them with a double knot for added stability.

How Do You Measure Shoelaces for Eyelets?

To measure shoelaces for eyelets, remove the current laces and measure their length from the tips to the end. If you don’t have the bootlace, count the number of eyelets on each side and multiply by 8 to determine the total length of laces needed.

What Are Boot Laces Made Of?

Boot laces can be made of nylon, cotton, leather, or wax-coated materials. Nylon and cotton laces are the most popular due to their durability and ease of use. 

Why Are Hiking Shoelaces So Long?

Hiking shoelaces are longer to accommodate the higher boot height and provide additional ankle support. Longer laces also allow hikers to adjust the tightness and fit of their boots for optimal comfort on long hikes.

What to Do When Your Boot Laces Are Too Long?

If you find your boot laces are too long, you can tie them differently, purchase shorter laces, or cut them down to prevent them from getting in the way or tripping.

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