How We Test And Review Our Gear

At OutdoorAdept, we love the outdoors so much that we decided to share everything we know about it with you! 

We take our product testing seriously because we know how important it is for you to make the most informed decisions regarding your outdoor gear investments.

Our team always ensures that our reviews are as authentic as possible, so we NEVER accept sponsored posts or receive payment from any brands or manufacturers to review their products. We know that means a lot to you, so it also means a lot to us! 

What Types Of Products Do We Test? 

We test EVERYTHING related to the outdoors because outdoor adventures are our passion. That means you’ll see every category of outdoor products reviewed on our site—from hiking boots to camping gear to fishing poles and everything in between. 

If it’s something that you might use outdoors, we want to review it! Always let us know if there’s something you don’t see reviewed that you’d like us to consider. We love hearing from our readers about the challenges they face with choosing outdoor gear. 

Why Trust Us? 

buying and trying salomon hiking shoes from the shop
Buying and Trying Hiking Shoes From the Salomon Shop

As just mentioned, our reviews on products and gear are our own opinions.

Secondly, most of our independent testers have extensive field experience in the specific areas for which they test products.

The others are professional product testers who know how to evaluate products thoroughly based on criteria from our experts.  

Because we want you to have the best outdoor experience possible, it’s crucial that our testers really have a passion for the products, and we never recommend anything that we wouldn’t use or haven’t already used ourselves.  

However, we also realize that not every product suits every outdoor enthusiast equally. For that reason, we also point out areas where we notice a product has a weakness or wouldn’t work for a particular type of adventurer.

We feel like this helps you genuinely find the best of our suggestions to meet your individual needs. 

How Do We Get The Products?

we buy hiking gear from shop, test and review
Buying Products From the Shop, Test, and Review

Since we’re not getting our products through sponsorships or from brands, we anonymously purchase all of the products that we review on the site, either online or personally visiting the shop.

That fact means that before we even go out to purchase the specific products we review, we’ve already put extensive research into this list of products we want to try.

We scour endless customer reviews and feedback, talk to other outdoor experts in our network, use our own past experiences with products, and narrow everything down to the best within each category to conduct a thorough hands-on review.  

Although we check current trends and always stay up-to-date on what’s new in the outdoor gear market, we don’t always recommend or choose the newest products in each category.

Sometimes, the best products are still the tried and true ones that have been on the market forever, and if that’s the case, we’ll always let you know. 

More About Out Testing Process

how we test hiking gear outdoors

Once we’ve got our hands on the products we want to review, we make sure to test them against the other products as fairly as possible.

If you’re looking for recommendations on the best trail runners, we won’t make you sort through reviews of heavy-duty mountaineering boots. It just wouldn’t make sense. 

For that reason, you’ll notice that all of our product reviews deal with specific sub-categories of products that you can easily compare and contrast against each other.

We also make a point to test the products in the actual conditions that you will most likely use them.

For example, if we review microspikes, we ensure that we wear the different options in the same conditions (i.e., on the same trail in the same type of weather).

That way, you’ll know that we base any performance recommendations we make on real-world experiences. 

Regarding price points, we understand that every outdoor enthusiast has a different budget. Some people always want the highest-end gear possible, and others must find the best value for their budget constraints.

For this reason, we try to include products at various price points so that every reader can find a product they can use.

However, we also consider that more expensive products should perform according to their price point, so we use higher standards when evaluating them and will call out if they fall short in this area.  

Specific Criteria for Hiking Footwear Reviews

Performance: Our team extensively tests the performance of each hiking footwear on various terrains and conditions, ensuring they meet the highest standards for support and stability.

Breathability: We take note of how well the footwear allows air circulation during hikes, contributing to your comfort even during longer journeys.

Waterproofing: Our assessments include evaluating the waterproofing capabilities of the footwear, and ensuring your feet remain dry in wet conditions and when crossing streams.

Cost-Effectiveness: We provide insights into the cost of the footwear, taking into account their features and performance to help you make informed decisions.

Comfort: Our team focuses on your comfort, examining the cushioning and support provided by the footwear during prolonged hikes.

Fit: We pay close attention to the fit of each pair we review. A proper fit is essential for avoiding discomfort and blisters on the trail.

Weight: We discuss the weight of the footwear, particularly how their lighter design can positively impact your longer hikes.

Tread: Our evaluations include a thorough analysis of the tread pattern’s effectiveness in providing traction on a range of surfaces.

Material Quality: We examine the durability and quality of the materials used in the construction of the footwear.

Insoles: Our reviews detail the quality of the insoles and their contribution to your overall comfort and foot support.

Toe Protection: We consider the level of toe protection offered by each pair, particularly relevant when navigating rocky terrains.

Incorporating Additional Considerations:

  • Ease of Use: We inform you about how easily the boots can be worn and taken off, a factor we understand matters during your hikes.
  • Lacing System: Our assessments include the number of eyelets and the efficiency of the lacing system in ensuring a secure fit.
  • Intended Usage: We highlight the specific types of hikes or outdoor activities each footwear is designed for, ensuring you select the right gear.
  • Break-In Period: Our team provides insights into the time required to break in the footwear for optimal comfort during your hikes.
  • Boot Style: We describe the style of the boots, whether low-cut, mid-cut, or high-cut, and its implications for ankle support.
  • Color Variety: Our reviews mention the range of colors available to suit your personal style.
  • Wide Feet Options: We let you know if the footwear is available in sizes suitable for individuals with wider feet.

Additional Factors We Incorporate:

  • User Feedback: We bring you valuable feedback from fellow hikers, enhancing the breadth of perspectives in our reviews.
  • Shipping Experience: Our reviews touch on the shipping process, ensuring your expectations are met in terms of timeliness and condition.
  • Warranty Details: We communicate any warranties provided by manufacturers and the specifics of their coverage.

Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive insights into the hiking footwear we’ve actively evaluated, helping you make choices that align with your outdoor adventure needs.

Thank You For Trusting Us

We know that you have many choices to visit for product reviews and recommendations. We’re honored that you’ve chosen to meet your needs.

We love being your trusted advisors in this area of products that can often prove overwhelming. Whether you’re just starting or have years of outdoor experience, there’s always something new to learn, and we’re glad to help out.

We’re always still learning ourselves, which makes us even more inspired to help you out. Let us know if you ever feel like we can improve in an area. We love hearing from our readers and aim to give you the best resource possible. 

Do you have any questions about of testing process? Use the form from our contact page and e-mail us.