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We know the importance of outdoor adventures at every skill level. For this reason, we aim to prove ourselves as the premier resource for you to discover everything we love about hiking, camping, mountaineering, exploring nature, and everything in between.

We’d love for you to take a minute to learn more about the people behind the site and why we have a passion for the outdoors.  

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OutdoorAdept Mission

At OutdoorAdept, we strive to bring you the very best resources to help make your outdoor adventures memorable, fun, and safe.

We accomplish this goal by providing you with trusted product reviews, practical “how-tos,” and other valuable information related to hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, and camping.

We want to help everyone experience the life-changing beauty and endless potential for inspiration that comes with connecting to nature. 

Our Team Members

catalin geangos - outdooradept team member


Catalin is a writer and outdoor specialist who has been traveling in over 35 countries so far. He loves spending time in nature, enjoying mountains and nature adventures, and ultimately inspiring people to travel more. In his time off, he is writing hiking guides, and reviews hiking and other outdoor gear and accessories.

Christina Utz - OutdoorAdept Team Member

EDITOR / product tester / AUTHOR

Christina Utz is a professional writer, mountain addict, and hiking enthusiast. She successfully finished a rock climbing class and a wilderness survival course, and by the age of 24, she hiked more than 1800 miles and finished over 260 different trails! Her expertise in hiking and outdoors helped numerous people to fulfill their adventurous spirit!

Jennifer Strom - OutdoorAdept Team Member


Jennifer Strom has been a writer for over 20 years and an outdoor and hiking enthusiast for most of her life. After spending much of her career in the corporate world, she decided to freelance and explore new places. She is always looking for her next adventure and writing guides that help others make the most of their own hikes and time outdoors.

Simon Zhelyazkov - OutdoorAdept Independent Tester

Simon Zhelyazkov


Simon is the epitome of a backpacker. He has been to 56 countries and the number is rising monthly as he’s on an around-the-world trip right this moment. Simon loves to challenge himself with longer and more strenuous mountain hikes. The first thing he checks in a new country?
How high the nearby mountains are.

Yoav Bulshtein - OutdoorAdept Independent Tester

Yoav Bulshtein


Yoav Bulshtein, a digital nomad from Israel, lives life at the exciting intersection of work, wanderlust, and wilderness. As he globe-trots, working from the most exotic locales, Yoav seizes every opportunity to venture off the beaten path, always seeking the next peak to conquer. His unique lifestyle represents a compelling fusion of remote professionalism and an unquenchable thirst for hiking adventures.

Who We Are 

All OutdoorAdept core team members are professional hikers and camping enthusiasts. It’s what we do every day. In fact, the three of us met while hiking and camping on the Appalachian Trail. We have thousands of miles of hiking under our belts and years of experience “in the field.” 

We are not only hikers and campers but also have experience with mountain climbing and winter sports and always looking to try new experiences whenever we can. There’s no outdoor adventure that we don’t want to try out at least once. 

outdooradept team

In addition to our core team of outdoor enthusiasts, we also have two independent professional product testers with a passion for providing people with honest reviews.

They genuinely believe that commissions or sponsorships should not influence reviews and instead focus on authenticity and honest opinions.

That’s why we hand-select and personally review all of our recommended products and never accept money or products from brands or sponsors.   

Oh, and did we mention that we love nature? You probably already guessed it, but it’s a huge part of who we are.

We respect and admire the outdoor world around us and the benefit it brings to us. We hope that it remains untouched and beautiful for many future generations to enjoy.

That’s why we also focus strongly on conservation, eco-travel, and sustainability efforts. 

So far, we’ve put hours into volunteering on the trails to collect trash and repaint worn trail markers, and we’re always looking for more ways to help out in this area. We want to leave everything better than we found it and inspire others to do the same.  

What We Do

We have over 15 years of outdoor adventure experience and want to share everything we know with you. Why? Because the outdoor world can be overwhelming. 

When we started out hiking, mountaineering, and camping, we had to learn many things “on the fly” or make mistakes, which wasn’t always easy.

We created this site with the following primary goals in mind and consciously dedicate each day to achieving them: 

  • Help both experienced and new adventurers with helpful tips and tricks 
  • Share some “hacks” we’ve learned along the way that can only come from experience 
  • Personally test and review all types of outdoor gear and provide recommendations based on our knowledge and testing. 

Why We Decided To Make This Our Passion

outdooradept catalin & christina

After meeting on the Appalachian Trail and enjoying our experience together, the three of us started connecting for more outdoor adventures.

As we made our way around the globe, we saw all different types of outdoor enthusiasts and loved connecting with them as well.

We answered a lot of questions and helped people make choices regarding their own trips or equipment.  

After one particular adventure, Catalin Geangos realized we could use our knowledge and experience to help nature lovers worldwide.

What started as a broad idea quickly turned into months of hard work and putting together the best articles and outdoor guides we could provide.

We hope these resources help ignite the passion that others have for nature and provide sound advice that will make their adventures safer and more fulling. 

When you come to OutdoorAdept for tips, tricks, and hacks, you know that the content you’re reading is entirely ours.

We back up everything we say through our own expertise, the opinions of other experts in the field, thorough research, and extensive product testing.

We’re always looking to give our audience exactly what they need without searching through what they don’t need to find the information. 

Finally, we love connecting with you! Our readers help continue to fuel our passion.

Always reach out to us through our contact page with any questions, comments, or suggestions on what you’d like to see posted on our site. We created OutdoorAdept for you, and we always enjoy hearing what you have to say. 

Thank you for learning more about us, and we hope you enjoy the site.