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Teva Hurricane XLT 2 Review 2023 (Hiking Sandals Tested)

Teva’s Hurricane series has been one of my favorites since I first tried a Hurricane XLT. What truly sets these sandals apart is their excellent adjustment system, which I’ve seen transported and improved in the Hurricane XLT 2. 

Our Verdict

Teva Hurricane XLT 2

Despite a longer break-in period than I expected, I am happy to report that the Teva Hurricanes were easy on my feet and extremely reliable performance-wise. 

TEVA Men's Hurricane Xlt2

This year, I had the chance to test the XLT 2 on several occasions and in different environments, including the rugged trails of the amazing Moss Rock Preserve Trail and the sandy beaches of Coronado Beach in San Diego.

The new model is even more comfortable than its predecessor, with a cushioned footbed that is designed to prevent hot spots and soft straps for those fearing blisters.

More on my direct experience with these sandals in the Teva Hurricane XLT2 review below.

Product Features

  • Quick-dry webbing
  • Injection-molded strap ends
  • EVA cushion
  • Durabrasion Rubber outsole


  • The heel strap makes it easy to find the correct fit and avoid blisters
  • They are built to reduce heel pain caused by flat feet
  • The grippy outsole makes them suitable both for light hiking and more challenging routes
  • Good breathability with no hot spots on the footbed
  • Can be worn in wet conditions with a quick drying time


  • Limited arch support may not be suitable for individuals with high arches
  • Some users with wider feet may find them slightly narrow

Things We Tested When We Reviewed Teva Hurricane XLT 2 

teva hurricane XLT2 Sandals

1. Waterproofing

When it comes to waterproofing, the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 hiking sandal is well-designed to handle the beach and wet trails.

It features water-resistant materials, including a polyester webbing upper and a nylon shank, which provides some level of water resistance and dries quickly after being exposed to water.

While the sandals can withstand splashes and light rain, it’s important to note that they are not fully waterproof.

From my direct experience with the Teva Hurricane XLT 2, I found that they could handle short periods of exposure to water without becoming saturated. However, prolonged exposure or submersion would result in moisture seeping through.

2. Traction

tread and traction

During my testing, the Teva sandals proved to be incredibly reliable when it came to traction.

Whether I was navigating slippery rocks, muddy roads, or loose gravel, the Durabrasion Rubber outsole provided a good grip and prevented any potential slips or falls.

I was pleasantly surprised by the stability and confidence the sandals offered, especially on steep and challenging terrains.

The multidirectional lug pattern on the outsole ensured traction in various directions, making these exceptional hiking sandals a great choice for outdoor activities that require surefootedness.

However, on particularly muddy or slippery surfaces, the traction did have some limitations. While the Teva Hurricane XLT2 held up reasonably well, there were instances where I experienced slight slippage, especially on steep inclines or when encountering wet rocks.

3. Durability

One aspect that stood out during my testing was the overall construction of the sandals. The high-quality materials, such as the polyester webbing upper and sturdy rubber outsole, contribute to their durability.

The Teva Hurricane XLT2 showed good resistance to abrasion, even after prolonged use on rugged and rocky surfaces.

Moreover, the secure stitching and reinforced toe area provided additional protection against potential damage. Despite encountering rough terrain and sharp objects, the Teva Hurricane XLT2 maintained its structural integrity.

One aspect worth noting, though, is that the Velcro closure system on the straps may show signs of wear over time.

While it remained functional during my testing, repeated adjustments and exposure to dirt and debris might affect its longevity.

4. Breathability


The webbing upper in the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandal, coupled with strategically placed cutouts, provides good ventilation.

Even during long use in warm and humid conditions, my toes remained relatively cool and dry.

The breathable design helped to minimize the accumulation of sweat and reduce the chances of discomfort or odor.

Additionally, the open-toe construction provided additional ventilation, helping my feet breathe and preventing any feeling of stuffiness.

The only complaint I have is that in dusty or sandy environments, the open design of the Teva Hurricane XLT2 allows small particles to enter. While this didn’t significantly impact their overall performance, it required occasional cleaning to maintain optimal breathability.

5. Comfort

Built with a contoured EVA footbed, the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandal can be very comfortable during long expeditions. The straps, made from soft and adjustable polyester, hugged my foot securely without causing any discomfort or chafing.

Moreover, the sandals featured a responsive and shock-absorbing Shoc Pad™ in the heel, which enhanced the overall comfort and provided additional cushioning during each step.

The only downside I could find in terms of comfort was that the initial break-in period for the Teva Hurricane XLT2 was slightly longer than expected. While they were comfortable overall, it took a few wears for the strap system to fully adjust to my foot shape.

6. Weight

At only 1 lb. 4 oz., this great pair of sandals felt lightweight and airy, which was particularly appreciated during hot weather.

The Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandal didn’t hinder my movements or make me feel fatigued, allowing me to enjoy my outdoor adventures without any unnecessary burden.

One potential drawback, however, is that the trade-off for the light build is a slightly thinner sole compared to some heavier hiking sandals or shoe models.

7. Support


By featuring more padding in the heel area and a contoured footbed, the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 provided excellent alignment, reducing strain on my heel and promoting proper posture.

The cushioned midsole, constructed with responsive EVA foam, absorbed impact and provided a supportive base.

However, the design might not be ideal if you have high arches, and you may need additional orthotic inserts.

Additionally, while the Teva Hurricane XLT2 offers ample support for moderate hikes if you are engaging in more intense or technical terrain, you might require shoes with higher levels of protection.

8. Fit and Sizing

The Teva Hurricane XLT2 sandal generally runs true to size. The shoe sizing chart provided by the manufacturer was reliable, and the sandals fit me well based on my usual shoe size.

I appreciated the ability to fine-tune the heel strap to my preference, whether it was a snug fit for more challenging trips or a looser one for casual walks.

What I noticed though is that the fit can be a bit narrow, especially in the toe box area. Furthermore, Teva doesn’t do half sizes, so if you have wide feet, you may need to size up a full size.

How It Evolved?

teva hurricane XLT2

The Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandal brings several improvements while maintaining some of the qualities that made its predecessor popular.

While in terms of design, both shoes share a similar aesthetic, with the iconic Teva style and recognizable strap design, the new version has a redesigned footbed that comes with superior padding for walking or trekking.

Additionally, the new strap system in the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 provides a more customized foot fit and improved stability than the previous version.

However, the Teva Hurricane XLT had a slightly sturdier construction overall. While the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 is still sturdy, some users might prefer the older version’s robustness for a more demanding trail.

How Does it Compare with Other Products?

Teva Terra Fi 5 Universal

Teva Terra Fi 5 Universal

The Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandal and the Teva Terra Fi 5 Universal are both high-quality outdoor sandals from the same brand but with a few significant differences in design.

For instance, while the Teva Hurricane XLT2 comes with a more adjustable fit with its multiple straps, the Terra Fi 5 Universal provides more convenience with its quick-release buckle system.

Both models feature hard-wearing construction and excellent grip, but the Terra Fi 5 Universal has a more rugged outsole that performs well on varied terrains. However, the Teva Hurricane XLT2 offers superior comfort with its redesigned soles.

Xero Z-Trail EV

Xero Shoes Z-Trail Sandals

The Hurricane XLT 2 boasts a more substantial build with cushioned soles and padded straps, prioritizing comfort.

On the other hand, the Xero Z-Trail EV focuses on minimalism, featuring a lighter construction and a thin, flexible sole that offers a barefoot-like feel.

While the Hurricane XLT 2 is great for those seeking stability, the Xero Z-Trail EV suits minimalist enthusiasts who prioritize agility.

Bedrock Cairn Adventure

Bedrock Sandals Cairn Adventure

The Bedrock Cairn Adventure is a high-quality outdoor sandal created for rugged adventures.

It has a minimalist design with a secure strapping system and a Vibram outsole for reliable traction.

Compared to the Teva Hurricane XLT2 sandal, the Cairn Adventure sandal offers a more minimalist feel and is lighter in weight.

It excels in providing a barefoot-like experience while still offering adequate protection and grip.

However, the Hurricane XLT 2 hiking sandal comes with thicker Eva foam sole construction, which makes it a better choice for users who prioritize comfort on longer expeditions or uneven terrains.

Where Teva Hurricane XLT 2 Performs Better?

If you’re seeking sandals that can handle diverse terrains, offer waterproofing, and reduce heel strain, the Teva Hurricane XLT2 is an excellent choice.

These sandals are particularly suited for day hiking, water activities like kayaking, and adventures in wet environments. With their reliable waterproofing capabilities, they keep your feet dry and comfortable even when traversing streams, puddles, or a wet trail.

The durable and grippy outsole comes with reliable traction on both dry and slippery surfaces, ensuring stability and preventing slips, and you can rely on the Hurricane XLT 2 hiking sandal to offer good ventilation for your toes.

See our article for more information on hiking in Teva Sandals.

Where Teva Hurricane XLT2 Falls Short in Performance?

drawbacks & benefits

While the Teva Hurricane XLT2 is a reliable outdoor pair of sandals, it does have a few areas where it could be improved.

One notable aspect is the lack of sufficient arch support, which may pose discomfort for individuals with high arches or specific foot conditions.

Additionally, some users have reported that the straps can loosen over time, requiring frequent readjustment.

However, it’s worth mentioning that these issues can be mitigated to some extent by using an aftermarket insole pair for better arch support and periodically checking and readjusting the straps during use.

Do We Recommend It?

We Recommend Teva Hurricane XLT 2

During my testing, the Teva Hurricane XLT2 proved to be exceptionally reliable across various terrains, from challenging trails to sandy beaches.

Teva Hurricane XLT2

The straps allow for a customizable fit, ensuring a comfortable experience, while the quick-drying features saved me from chaffing and blisters.

While there are a few drawbacks, such as the lack of significant arch support for those with specific foot needs, and the need for occasional strap readjustments, these are minor considerations compared to the overall performance and versatility of the shoes.


Should I Size Up or Down for Teva Hurricane XLT2?

Typically, there’s no need to size up when purchasing Teva Hurricane XLT 2. But if you have wider feet or plan on using them with socks, you may consider sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

Are Teva Flip-Flops Good?

Teva flip-flops are known for being supportive and durable. They offer comfort for casual wear at the beach, and some models even have features like arch support and padding. Overall, Teva sandals are reliable for those seeking comfortable and stylish shoes.

Can I Hike With Teva Hurricane XLT2?

Yes, you can hike with Teva Hurricane XLT2 sandals. They are created for outdoor use, including light hiking. However, for more challenging hikes or rough terrains, you may want to consider opting for hiking boots or shoes for better ankle support and protection.

Catalin Geangos

Catalin Geangos

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