Are Palladium Boots Good for Hiking? (Yes and No)

Embarking on a hiking journey involves careful selection of gear, especially when it comes to footwear. Over the years, our team tested a variety of footwear, including the trending Palladium boots.

Specifically known for their rubber soles and covered toe caps, one might wonder: Are Palladium boots good for hiking?

This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of these boots, considering crucial factors like quality, durability, and the ability to maintain dry and comfortable feet even in tough terrains.

Stick around as we navigate this terrain featuring our collective hiking expertise and several pairs of Palladium boots. Let’s lace up and delve into the journey ahead.

Quick Summary 

  • While comfortable, stylish, and durable, Palladium boots lack the necessary ankle support and traction for challenging terrains.
  • Specific models like the Pallabrouse Hiker and Pampa Baggy are recommended for light hiking.
  • Despite their strengths, other specific hiking boots are generally recommended for serious hiking adventures.

What Are Palladium Boots?

pair of leather palladium boots

Palladium boots are a renowned brand known for producing high-quality shoes with a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Most Palladium boots are constructed using materials ranging from canvas to leather, which ensures breathability and toughness.

They typically have rubber outsoles, providing good traction on trails with light difficulty.

Some Palladium hiking boots provide a covered toe cap and ankle-high elements for additional protection and ankle support on tougher trails.

For those seeking lightweight options for the hot weather, canvas Palladiums are a preferable choice, while waterproof Palladiums are ideal for wet and muddy paths.

Overall, beyond being just a fashionable shoe, a new pair of Palladium boots can provide comfortable and durable companionship on your hiking trails.

Can You Hike in Palladium Boots?

You can hike in Palladium boots, but in most situations, it’s not recommended. These boots lack the necessary ankle support typically needed for hiking, and they may not provide enough traction on more challenging terrains, especially on small rocks, mud, and in wet conditions.

However, the Palladium brand offers different styles, from waterproof and shock-absorbent ankle-high Palladiums to breathable and lightweight low-ankle Palladiums, which makes these boots a good choice for light hiking and walks.

What Are the Best Palladium Boots for Hiking?

Palladium Pallabrouse Baggy

Palladium Pallabrouse Baggy

The Palladium Pallabrouse Baggy is a standout when it comes to boots that are good for hiking.

It’s light with a flexible yet rugged outsole, helping it withstand different terrains.

This Palladium boot is fashioned from durable cotton canvas, which keeps moisture at bay, thereby keeping your feet cool and dry during your treks.

The design of this boot also provided reliable stability on tough climbs.

Palladium Pallabrouse Leather Hiker

Palladium Pallabrouse Leather Hiker

The Palladium Pallabrouse Hiker stands out as a versatile hiking boot in the Palladium collection, featuring excellent traction and durability.

During our hikes, this model’s rubber sole was effective in keeping our feet steady on rocky terrains.

A key advantage of this model is its water resistance, crucial if you’re traversing muddy pathways or wading through shallow streams. We found the Pallabrouse Hiker to provide good ankle support – an essential feature when balancing on uneven ground.

Palladium Pampa Baggy Original

Palladium Pampa Baggy Original

This durable Palladium boot, with echoes of military heritage, has proven an excellent companion for our hiking adventures.

The boot incorporates rubber soles, vital for achieving the maximum traction required for rough terrains.

The feet stay cool due to the breathable, lightweight canvas material that permits efficient air circulation when worn in hot weather.

A notable feature is the option to wear them as high or low-ankle Palladiums, assisting in comfort and ankle support. Also, the shock-absorbent, thick soles proved invaluable while jumping or trekking down uneven trails.

Advantages of Using Palladium Boots for Hiking

In our extensive testing of hiking boots and while trying to answer the question ‘Are Palladium boots good for hiking?”, we’ve discovered some distinct advantages they offer. We’ll detail these based on four key aspects:

1. Comfort

palladium boots grip and traction

Palladium boot models shine when it comes to comfort. Our research, based on several wears in hot weather, revealed that they provide excellent cushioning and breathability.

They have been designed with your feet’s comfort in mind, a detail that makes a significant difference during long hikes.

Walking in these comfortable boots feels like wearing your favorite pair of socks due to the flexible rubber sole.

2. Durability

We were also impressed by the sturdiness of the Palladium boot models we tested. From our experience, a pair of these boots is capable of withstanding various terrains and hiking conditions.

The genuine leather used in most models, like the popular Pampa, holds up well against wear and tear. Even after countless hikes in different environments, they show few signs of damage.

3. Traction

palladium boots grip and traction

Having reliable traction is essential for safety when hiking, and it appears that Palladium boots offer reasonable grip.

However, during our journey, my colleague and I discovered that while the traction provided is sufficient for various outdoor activities, it falls short compared to hiking shoes specifically designed for tackling challenging terrain.

As a result, we encountered difficulties while navigating slippery paths and rugged surfaces.

4. Water-resistant Design

Water resistance is another key feature of Palladium boots. While is not completely water-proof, these water-resistant boots are certainly up to the task of keeping your feet dry in adverse weather or muddy terrains.

During our test hikes, they did a fine job of resisting light rain and puddles. The brand also offers waterproof Palladiums that work ideally for crossing warm water streams or when caught in a downpour.

Disadvantages of Using Palladium Boots for Hiking

While Palladium boots do present some appealing features, there are also some notable drawbacks to consider.

1. Insulation

About 5.6 people out of every one million experience unintentional hypothermia each year, according to this study.

This highlights even more the importance of wearing adequate gear while on the hiking trail.

However, Palladium boots lack proper insulation, increasing the risk of getting your feet wet in snowy or cold environments.

Despite various features, they often can’t keep the sweat or cold out as efficiently as some other boot brands on the market do.

2. Weight

Firstly, for avid hikers, weight remains a considerable disadvantage of Palladium boots. Our trials with these types of boots demonstrated that extra weight, relative to hiking-specific boots, posed a noticeable issue.

Many hikers prefer lighter boots to make climbing mountains less tiring. While keeping this in mind, choose Palladium boots only if you are ready to wear their extra heft.

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Do We Recommend Palladium Boots for Hiking?

Drawing from our experience, we can’t wholeheartedly deem Palladium boots as good for hiking. Despite being trendy and comfortable for casual strolls, these boots underserve hikers, especially in wet environments.

Crucially, they don’t feature good insulation, an attribute that matters greatly in cold environments. After our tests, the boots also felt heavier compared to the latest hiking shoe models like those produced by Salmon and Hoka, for instance, which are a lot more lightweight.

Nevertheless, not all is lost. Check out our articles about the most suitable lightweight hiking boots and the best winter hiking boots you can buy if you are looking for a lighter and more reliable pair to wear on the mountain, especially in cold weather.


Are Palladium Boots Good in the Snow?

Palladium boots are not the best choice for snowy conditions. They may not provide the insulation needed for extreme cold and the grip might be insufficient on icy surfaces.

Which Country Are Palladium Boots From?

Palladium boots were originally made in France. Today, they retain their classic design and are produced in various parts of the world.

Are Palladium Boots Easy to Clean?

Yes, Palladium boots are relatively easy to clean. You can simply wipe them down with a cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap then air dry. Always check the manufacturer’s care guide for best results.


Christina Utz

Christina Utz

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