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10 Best Vegan Hiking Boots (2024 Tested, Reviewed & Ranked)

If you are a vegan who’s in love with the outdoors, you’ve probably experienced the struggle of finding a good pair of vegan hiking boots that match your ethics.

I remember how difficult it was just a few years ago to tell if a hiking boot was truly vegan. The manufacturers provided almost no details about the sources of the glue, and you sometimes found out too late that they used “hidden materials” in their products.

Fortunately, today everything is a bit more transparent, so it was easier for us to identify the best hiking boots that are 100% vegan. So, let’s just dive in and see how they performed.


La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid Gtx

  • Frixion XF 2.0 sole
  • AirMesh Upper 
  • Gore-Tex Waterproof


The North Face VECTIV

The North Face VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT

  • Protective toe cap
  • OrthoLite X55 Footbed
  • Abrasion-resistant


Salomon Outline Mid Gore-Tex 

Salomon Outline Mid Gore-Tex 

  • Gore-Tex Membrane
  • Perfect for any terrain
  • Good Grip & Protection

Our Top Recommended Vegan Hiking Boots

1) La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX

With an ultra-resistant rubber outsole and Gore-Tex waterproofing, this model is ready to face rainy weather and even some muddy patches you will cross successfully.

  • Gore-Tex Waterproof
  •  AirMesh Upper 
  • Frixion XF 2.0 sole
La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX

The La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX is a rugged vegan hiking boot designed for serious vegan hikers heading on challenging trails.

With an ultra-resistant rubber outsole and Gore-Tex waterproofing, this model is ready to face rainy weather and even some muddy patches you will cross successfully.

Many users say that this model tends to run narrow, even for those with narrow feet, and I agree. For the test, I opted to increase my shoe size by half and pick the wide version, knowing about this issue, and the vegan hiking boots fit me like a sock, with almost no break-in time required.

The Air Mesh in the upper also makes them breathable, so they work great for long distances.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 10 oz. (women’s 9), 2 lbs. 1 oz. (men’s 11)”

●     Waterproof: yes

●     Upper Material: High-weave AirMesh/microfiber/thermoplastic polyurethane


  • Rugged outsole prevents slipping on wet or muddy surfaces
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • The mid-cut offers great ankle support
  • Gore-Tex waterproofing will keep your feet warm and dry in bad weather conditions
  • Efficient lacing that allows you to obtain a secure fit


  • These vegan boots tend to run narrow, so it’s best to size up or pick the wide version

2) The North Face VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT

Of all the vegan footwear options out there, The North Face VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT stands out through its surprisingly lightweight construction.

  • Protective Toe Cap
  • OrthoLite X55 footbed
  •  Abrasion-resistant

These vegetarian shoes feature the OrthoLite® X55 sole, so you can rely on them to offer support and comfort during your mountain hiking expeditions.

We wanted to check if the Cordura ripstop upper on these vegan walking boots can stand the rigor of rough hiking, and they proved extremely reliable on our 5-mile technical terrain hike, with almost no abrasion marks at the end.

Compared to traditional hiking boots, these vegan options are more breathable and sustainable, which is also a big plus.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 9.8 oz. (women’s), 1 lb. 11.3 oz. (men’s)”

●     Waterproof: yes

●     Upper Material: Abrasion-resistant Cordura ripstop mesh


  • You can use them as trail runners due to their lightweight construction
  • Breathable non-animal materials make them super comfy even in the summer
  • Good waterproofing for wet conditions
  • Expect no blisters with the Ghillie lacing system


  • They tend to run narrow

3) Salomon Outline Mid Gore-Tex 

The GTX waterproof lining keeps water away, and they are lightweight enough to function as trail running shoes.

  • Perfect for any terrain
  • Good grip and protection
  • GORE-TEX Membrane
Salomon Outline Mid Gore-tex hiking boots

While is not a vegan brand, Salomon makes some of the best men’s and women’s vegan hiking boots on the market, and the Salomon Outline Mid Gore-Tex is a very popular choice.

Our tests revealed that these non-leather hiking boots perform excellently on muddy and mixed terrain due to their aggressive lug geometry that bites into any surface.

Unfortunately, since this is a low-cut vegan boot, it doesn’t offer too much ankle support, but you should be safe if you only tackle light trails.

If ankle support is something you’re interested in, we suggest reading our post on the most recommended ankle support hiking boots where we analyzed the top products on the market.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 8.6 oz. (women’s), 1 lb. 13.6 oz. (men’s)”

●     Waterproof: yes

●     Upper Material: Waterproof textile


  • 5mm-deep lugs claw on slippery and muddy terrain
  • Great for speed hiking due to their lightweight construction
  • Reliable waterproof membrane for rainy weather
  • Very comfortable due to the high-quality EVA foam padding


  • These vegan hiking boots don’t offer enough ankle support

4) Merrell Moab Speed Mid GTX

The Merrell Moab Speed Mid GTX isn’t a regular pair of vegan-friendly hiking boots but an excellent option for vegans looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • EVA Foam Insole
  •  Protective Toe Cap 
  • Gore-Tex Waterproof
Merrell Moab Speed Mid GTX

These vegan hiking shoes are made with natural and recycled materials, which are used in mesh uppers and laces to help protect the environment. Yet they are still extremely resistant to wear and performant on challenging terrain due to their Vibram sole.

As we trialed this model on a longer hike, it became clear that it is more of a trail running shoe than a traditional hiking boot, but it is comfortable enough for light to moderate waterproof hiking.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 3.2 oz. (women’s 7), 1 lb. 8.96 oz. (men’s 10.5)”

●     Waterproof: Gore Tex Lining

●     Upper Material: Breathable mesh and TPU


  • Good traction with the 4mm-deep lug Vibram soles
  • Lightweight hiking footwear that works great on multi-day routes
  • Water resistant with GTX protection
  • Cushioned ankle collar and tongue reduce foot fatigue


  • The heel doesn’t offer enough support if you have high arches
  • The toe box is narrow

5) Altra Lone Peak 7

Although not a waterproof footwear option, the Altra Lone Peak 7 remains one of the best vegan hiking boots for trail hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

  • MaxTrac Outsole
  • TrailClaw Lug 
  • Altra EGO Midsole
ALTRA Lone Peak 7

As opposed to most vegetarian shoes we’ve tried, these boots have a wider toe box, so they are a great fit for hikers with wide feet.

Moreover, Altra Lone Peak 7 trail runners feature a reliable outsole design and an airy upper which we found to reduce discomfort during day hikes and allow you to move faster and more confidently.

If keeping your feet dry is something you look into, then we suggest looking at the other shoes or seeing our review of the best waterproof hiking boots.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 2.4 oz. (women’s), 1 lb. 6 oz. (men’s)”

●     Waterproof: no

●     Upper Material: Textile and synthetic quick-dry air mesh


  • Wide toe box encourages natural foot movement
  • Great heel and forefoot alignment reduces impact landing
  • This hiking shoe has canted lugs, offering better traction
  • Ideal for hot weather due to their breathable design


  • These vegan hiking boots are not suitable for rainy weather
  • They have zero drop, so it takes longer to get accustomed to them

6) Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX

The combination of mesh and thermoplastic urethane is both breathable and comfortable, offering enough flexibility for a vegan trekking enthusiast like me.

  • EVA Foam Midsole
  • Kinetic Fit™ Insole 
  • Gore-Tex Waterproof
Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX hiking boots

A trail runner option for hikers who have adopted a vegan lifestyle, the Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX hiking boot is made from 100% animal-free materials and stays one of the most durable in its category.

Although it would be too much to consider the MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX a pair of vegan winter boots or mountaineering boots, the GTX membrane adds protection against the cold during spring or autumn hikes, so this model is quite versatile.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 7 oz. (women’s), 1 lb. 9 oz. (men’s)”

●     Waterproof: yes

●     Upper Material: Mesh and TPU


  • They have a lighter weight compared to other vegan options
  • Good slip resistance
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex lining makes them ideal either in wet or dry conditions


  • These vegan-friendly shoes tend to run large
  • Not enough sole padding for challenging hikes

7) Hoka Speedgoat 5

These shoes boast a mesh lining that helps keep your feet cool and a GTX liner that ensures your feet stay dry even in rainy conditions.

  • EVA Foam Midsole
  • Vibram Megagrip 
  • Protective Toe Rands
Hoka One One Speedgoat 5

The Hoka One One Speedgoat 5 is a high-performance outdoor footwear option that is perfect for veggie trekkers looking for vegan hiking boots that are both cruelty-free and super comfortable.

During our tests, the Hoka One One Speedgoat 5 proved to be incredibly comfortable. The shoe features a wide platform that provides excellent stability and support, but this option is a bit too cushioned for the summer.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 1 oz. (women’s), 1 lb. 4.6 oz. (men’s)”

●     Waterproof: no

●     Upper Material: Mesh


  • The updated CMEVA midsole offers enhanced support.
  • Wide base and rocker geometry provide stability and reduce the risk of ankle sprains
  • Made with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of trail running


  • Not particularly suitable for those with slender feet

8) Keen NXIS EVO Mid Boot

Due to their high-quality rubber outsole, these vegan hiking boots offer excellent traction on wet surfaces, durability, and are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including backpacking.

  • KonnectFit Heel
  • Underfoot Cushioning 
  • Keen.DRY Waterproof
KEEN Nxis Evo Mid Waterproof

The Keen NXIS EVO Mid Boot is a part of Keen’s vegan range and is made entirely from vegan-friendly materials.

Compared to other vegan boots on this top, this option is heavier and may take you some time to get accustomed to the extra weight.

But as I wore these vegan hiking boots on a day hike, I noticed that they offer better balance and support, especially on narrower portions of the trail.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 8.9 oz. (women’s), 1 lb. 14.3 oz. (men’s)”

●     Waterproof: yes

●     Upper Material: Mesh/TPU


  • The reinforced toe cap makes these vegan hiking boots suitable for tough outdoor conditions
  • Supportive midsole that provides cushioning and great stability for your feet
  • Multidirectional lugs offer excellent grip and traction on muddy surfaces


  • The upper is difficult to clean if you cross a muddy area

9) Inov-8 Roclite 345 GTX

The Inov-8 Roclite 345 GTX is a reliable and sturdy pair of vegan hiking boots that offer confident traction on a variety of surfaces.

  • 6mm Claw Cleats
  • Graphene Outsole 
  • Gore-Tex Waterproof
Inov-8 Roclite G 345 GTX

Thanks to its rigid outsole with 6mm deep lugs that provide excellent grip on loose terrain, and the boot’s rock plate, I was able to hike on rocky trails without getting my toes hurt, so this model is a perfect fit for adventures.

Additionally, the boot’s GTX membrane keeps your feet dry and comfortable when it rains. It also provides breathability, which helps prevent your feet from getting too sweaty during fast and light activities.


●     Weight (pair): 1 lb. 8.16 oz.

●     Waterproof: yes

●     Upper Material: Synthetic and mesh


  • Ideal for fast-paced outdoor activities like hiking and trail running
  • Can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use
  • Excellent grip on various terrains, including loose and uneven surfaces.


  • The boot can feel stiff, especially when first worn
  • The Roclite 345 GTX is only available in a few colors

10) Arc’teryx Acrux TR GTX

Arc’teryx Acrux TR GTX is a top-of-the-line vegan hiking boot designed for mountaineers and climbers seeking high-performance footwear.

  • Vibram® Megagrip Outsole
  • Abrasion Resistance 
  • Gore-Tex Waterproof
Arc'teryx Acrux TR GTX

The boot features a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane that ensures superior protection against rain, snow, and moisture while allowing for breathability. Moreover, the Acrux TR GTX weighs less than traditional boots, making it an excellent choice for multi-day hikes and extended climbs.

Unfortunately, this vegan boot has thin padding, and it quickly became clear to us as we tested it that it is only a good choice when short hikes are involved.


●     Weight (pair): “1 lb. 0.96 oz. (women’s), 1 lb. 2.88 oz. (men’s)”

●     Waterproof: yes

●     Upper Material: SuperFabric®


  • Lightweight design reduces fatigue during long hikes or climbs
  • Vibram sole provides excellent traction on varied terrain
  • Advanced lacing ensures a customized, secure fit


  • Some users may find the fit too narrow or too snug
  • May not be suitable for those who prefer a more heavily cushioned boot

Vegan Hiking Boots Buyer’s Guide

LA SPORTIVA Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX vegan Hiking Boots

Deciding between all the vegan hiking boots on the market can be difficult, so, to ease your job, we created a list of aspects you should consider during the selection.

1. Material

Materials from plants don’t stretch as much as leather or suede. Look for shoes that mix mesh and microfiber or TPU for more comfort.

Check out the Merrell Moab Speed GTX. They’re great for serious hikers because they’re tough and let your feet breathe.

2. Performance

salomon outline vegan hiking boots
Salomon Outline

If you plan on doing some high-altitude mountaineering, you need a pair of vegan hiking boots that combine a good grip with ankle protection and flexibility.

The best vegan hiking boots in this category are the Salomon Outline Mid, which work on any surface and have an excellent waterproof membrane.

3. Comfort

Good cushioning is essential in vegan boots if you are planning on going on long hikes, so we recommend a model with a well-padded sole, like the Salomon Outline Mid.

4. Fit

Altra Lone Peak 7 hiking shoes in the box
Altra Lone Peak 7

A good pair of vegetarian shoes should have an efficient lacing method and enough room in the toe box so your toes can move comfortably.

You will find all these and more in the Altra Lone Peak 7 model.

5. Weight

While lightweight vegan products will give you a speed boost on the trail, usually, they come with less padding.

We recommend choosing a heavier model like the La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX to make sure you don’t sacrifice comfort.

6. Tread

LA SPORTIVA Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX hiking boots tread

A high-quality thread like the one found in La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX is crucial for ensuring that the boot can withstand the rigors of hiking and provide the necessary protection for your feet.

More than that, we learned they can be used also as mountaineering boots.

7. Ventilation

Good ventilation is important in vegetarian shoes because it helps prevent blisters, athlete’s foot, and other foot problems caused by excessive moisture build-up.

With its breathable mesh upper and medium padding, the Merrell Moab Speed GTX is the best choice on our top when it comes to ventilation.

Comparison Table

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX $199 REI»
$199 Backcountry»
Check on Amazon»
Yes, Gore-Tex

1 lb. 7 oz.
The North Face VECTIV$165 REI»
$165 Backcountry»
Check on Amazon»
Yes, Futurelight1 lb. 4.8 oz.
Salomon OUTline Mid GTXCheck on Amazon» Yes, Gore-Tex
1 lb. 13.6 oz.
Merrell Moab Speed Mid GTX$170 REI»
Check on Amazon»
Yes, Gore-Tex
1 lb. 8 oz.
Altra Lone Peak 7
$150 REI»
$150 Backcountry»
Check on Amazon»
No1 lb. 2.4 oz.
Hoka One One Speedgoat 5 $155 REI»
$155 Backcountry»
Check on Amazon»
No1 lb. 1 oz.
Keen NXIS EVO Mid Boot$190 REI»
$190 Backcountry»
Check on Amazon»
Yes, Keen.DRY1 lb. 14.3 oz.
Inov-8 Roclite 345 GTX$190 REI»
Check on Amazon»
Yes, Gore-Tex1 lb. 8.2 oz.
Arc’teryx Acrux TR GTXCheck on website» Yes, Gore-Tex1 lb. 2.88 oz.

What Else Did We Consider When Choosing Vegan Hiking Boots

What we at Outdooradept.com consider when choosing the best shoes for hiking

We know that it isn’t always easy to find comfortable hiking boots that are vegan and can match your expectations to the fullest. That’s why we take into account as many factors as possible when making our selection.

Since not every hiker has the same experience with the same model, we consider feedback from as many users as possible to provide more reliable information.

We also recommend only models produced by reliable brands that have realistic shipping costs and timeframes.

Are Vegan Hiking Boots 100% Animal-Free?

vegan society logo - a non animal product  guarantee

Vegan hiking boots are marketed as being animal-free, but not all brands are necessarily 100% animal-free. Some may use adhesives or materials containing animal products or derivatives.

To ensure you only buy vegan-friendly options, every time you hit the vegan store or shop online make sure to check the label and research the brand’s manufacturing processes. Look for certifications from organizations like PETA or the Vegan Society [1] [2].

Do Vegan Hiking Boots Require Special Care?

how i clean my hiking shoes in the bathroom sink

Vegan hiking boots require special care, just like any other type of hiking boots. However, the care and maintenance of vegan hiking boots may differ slightly from traditional non-vegan boots.

Vegan hiking boots are typically made from synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, or microfiber.

These materials are designed to mimic the look and feel of leather but they have different properties and care requirements.

To make sure your vegan boots and shoes maintain their performance, you should clean them regularly and dry them after every walk in rainy weather. Also, avoid using any harsh chemicals that may ruin the upper material.

Our #1 Pick

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX

Of all the vegan boots we tested, La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX performed the best according to my standards.

Although this model ran a bit narrow, it was nothing I couldn’t solve by sizing up. Plus, all the materials in it are cruelty-free, and most are eco-friendly, which comes as a double bonus for any hiker who is trying to avoid animal-based products.

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX

The aggressive pattern of the outsole combined with the excellent cushioning and reliable lacing made this boot the best vegan option, extremely supportive even when I climbed steep surfaces.

our winner, La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX vegan hiking boot


How Do You Know If Your Boots Are Vegan?

To determine whether a shoe is vegan, check its label. If it mentions other materials rather than leather and is followed by the interwoven laces for textiles and the diamond for other non-animal materials, it’s likely to be vegan; however, if it has a “hide-like” symbol or a symbol with a small diamond inside it, it may contain leather or coated leather.

Do Vegan Shoes Stretch as Much as Leather?

Vegan hiking shoes may not stretch as much as leather shoes, but some materials like microfiber can have similar flexibility. You can try to obtain a more comfortable fit by wearing them with thick socks around the house, but you shouldn’t try to stretch faux leather too much, as there is a risk of it cracking.

Is Gore-Tex Vegan?

Gore-Tex itself is a synthetic material and therefore is vegan. However, some products that incorporate Gore-Tex may use animal-based glues to attach the membrane, so it’s best to double-check.

Does Salomon Make Vegan Shoes?

Yes, Salomon makes several shoe models that are vegan-friendly. Some of the most popular of their models that don’t include animal products are the Salomon Outline Mid Gore-Tex and Salomon Speedcross 5.

Are Vegan Hiking Boots Durable?

Vegan hiking boots can be just as durable as traditional leather hiking boots thanks to the use of tough synthetic materials. Usually, they are made with recycled rubber, nylon, polyester, and synthetic leather substitutes that increase their resistance to tear and wear. However, the quality of their build is also an important factor you should consider.

Can Vegan Hiking Boots Be Recycled?

Many vegan boots can be recycled because they are made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. However, if you opt for vegan leather, it’s important to know that this material is not recyclable.

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